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CW 21B796 Image 2 quadratisch.jpg


With this watch, the complete watch case is made of a Saphir-Tec glass. So why should you buy a watch with a sapphire glass case for 100,000 euros?



In these watches, the mechanism of the date display is designed in such a way that it automatically takes into account the different lengths of the month that occur over the course of the year, with the exception of February, so that a manual correction does not have to be made until the end of February in order to move the watch forward to March 1st.



When it comes to classic Lamborghinis, the Miura P400 is one of the milestones of the Italian car manufacturer. We have succeeded in making a dial from the body parts of this classic and implanting it in this watch. The heart of the watch is fitted with a Dubois Dépraz DD2040 caliber. And what fits better than a bullhead case?



The AS5008 was already a myth in the 70s. An automatic movement with alarm function. Nowadays, this movement is one of the absolute rarities. Constantin Weisz has managed to equip not only a small series with this movement, but also to find an original case matching the movement.

CW 0627 1021.jpg


Feel like James Bond. When it comes to classic automobiles, the Aston Martin DB 5 is one of the icons. This watch has a dial of body parts of this classic. Fittingly, the heart of the watch is equipped with a FHF 76 movement from the same era. Do you have to say more?

CW 12L117 Uhrwerk.jpg


Like a Blue Mauritius. This masterpiece with an oscillating drive according to the patent Edouard Heuer from 1886 was built by Constantin Weisz in a small series of watches of only 20 limited worldwide. Truly a milestone.

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