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Constantin Weisz is committed to providing you with first-class service. Thanks to our high standards and the expertise of our watchmakers, your Constantin Weisz watch should continue to function reliably for years to come.

For this reason, we recommend that you have your watch regularly serviced by our service department. Depending on the model and usage, this should be done approximately every 5 years. If your watch is not functioning as desired or has been damaged in the meantime, you can of course do this at any time.

Depending on the condition of your watch, maintenance or repair will take at least six to eight weeks.

Please fill out the following form. Our service team will contact you to discuss your needs personally. Please only send your watch to our service address after this.

Service Addresses:



Cheyron GmbH

Constantin Weisz Service-Center

Otto-Hahn-Straße 7

50997 Köln


Tel: +49 [221] 398954-0



J & J Watch Repair

Constantin Weisz Service Center

900 Walt Whitman Rd Suite LL14,

Melville, NY 11747,

United States

Phone: 1.800.532.2111 (toll free)


Service Inquiry

Thank you.

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