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Cashmere for the wrist: watch straps by Constantin Weisz

Cashmere for the wrist

When you hold the leather straps in your hand, you will quickly realize that only the finest leather meets our standards. That's why we only use chrome-free tanned natural leather from German production. The raw leather is organically certified and absolutely free of harmful substances - and you will notice that when you wear it: the soft leather wraps around your wrist almost like cashmere and ensures an indescribable and skin-friendly wearing comfort. We achieve this through purely vegetable tanning from valuable and sustainable tanning agents, as well as heavy-metal-free dyeing with synthetic colors.

Each piece is unique

Of course, a natural leather cannot look like a flawless piece from a 3D printer, so our leather has authentic natural features that underline the naturalness of our leather and which we call an obituary understand the life of the animal. This is another reason why we do not use any chemical finishes at all, which take away the natural character of the leather and make it an interchangeable mass product. Because beauty has nothing to do with immaculateness...

And you can have the straps in size XL, too. So that even strong wrists don't miss out.

Best regards from Cologne

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